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Bible in Dialogue

This series aims to offer the results of studies that, aware of the work of exegesis, are in dialogue with different approaches to biblical texts. Thus it will present developments in interdisciplinary, intercultural, and interreligious dialogue. In this way it wants to contribute to a better understanding of the world of the Bible and of its relevance for today. In particular, the relationships between Christian and Jewish readings of the Bible are the subject of this series. In addition, works that put biblical studies in dialogue with different approaches and with various disciplines such as philosophy, theology, sociology, archeology may be suitable for the series. Both monographs and well-focused collections of articles will be considered. Generally, the volumes of the series are published in Italian or English.

The Bible and Asian Culture

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Nguyen Dinh Anh Nhue

“Bibbia in Dialogo” 6

2015, pp. 256 978-88-7653-681-6

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Carlo Maria Martini International Award (2013-2014).


Gesù Cristo e il popolo ebraico. Interrogativi per la teologia di oggi

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There are no translations available.

Mary C. Boys - Philip A. Cunningham - H. Hermann Henrix - Joseph Sievers - Jesper Svartvik (a cura di)

"Bible in Dialogue" 5

2012 pp. 416


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I molteplici volti del Dio unico

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Neudecker Reinhard

"Bible in Dialogue" 4

2012, pp. 240

Edizione italiana a cura di Federico Contardi


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The Voice of God on Mount Sinai

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Reinhard Neudecker

The Voice of God on Mount Sinai

2012, pp. 192


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