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Religion and Politics

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Sangalli Samuele (ed.)

Religion and Politics

Religious liberty and confronting new ethical challenges: What is the public role of faith in today’s globalized world?

2016, pp. 384 - 978-88-7839-327-1


What is the role religion in the “public square” in our contemporary secularized world? Recognizing its current unavoidable presence, what could we hope for in a positive for in a positive future for human society? These two questions summarize the core inspiration of the present book, which contains contributions made by the participants of Sinderesi School during the Academic Year 2014-2015. In the first section, five lectures given by qualified experts provide a complex analysis of religion and its relationship to political power, from the point of view of theology, interreligious dialogue, political science, international relationships and diplomacy. The second part presents the results of an exchange among the young adults involved in this research and their intensive debate to discover reasonable answers to these essential issues, while also taking into account the world’s main religious traditions. This book is an essay to promote a culture of toleration, mutual learning, respect and cooperation for a global development of human life on Earth.

Samuele Sangalli (1967), Associate Professor and Head of the Alberto Hurtado Centre’s Sinderesi School (Pontifical Gregorian University).



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