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Storia Ecclesistica

La primauté de l’évêque de Rome dans la théologie catholique francophone du vingtième siècle

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Thomas Cornié

"Tesi Gregoriana Teologia" 179

2010, pp. 356



En mai 1995, Jean-Paul II lançait dans l’encyclique Ut unum sint un appel solennel aux pasteurs et aux théologiens des différentes confessions chrétiennes. Il les invitait à trouver « une forme d’exercice de la primauté ouverte à une situation nouvelle, mais sans renoncement aucun à l’essentiel de sa mission » (UUS 95). Jean-Paul II n’a pas inventé la distinction entre formes d’exercice et essence de la primauté, elle a son histoire. La thèse s'intéresse à trois figures importantes de l’ecclé­­sio­logie du vingtième siècle, qui ont consacré d’une manière particulière leurs recherches à la primauté romaine : Pierre Batiffol (1861-1929), Charles Journet (1891-1975) et Jean-Marie Roger Tillard (1927-2000). Après avoir résumé leurs positions respectives en soulignant leurs lignes de force et leurs limites, la thèse les confronte  au contenu de l’encyclique Ut unum sint et au document de la Congrégation pour la doctrine de la foi intitulé La primauté du successeur de Pierre dans le mystère de l’Église. La recherche se conclue en formulant quelques observations qui, tel est le souhait de l’auteur, pourront être utiles, pour d’ultérieures recherches sur le thème de la primauté romaine.

Thomas Cornié, né à Bordeaux (France) en 1971, est prêtre du diocèse de Rome, formé dans le séminaire diocésain missionnaire Redemptoris Mater. Ordonné prêtre en 2001, il a exercé son ministère dans le diocèse de Rome et d’Avignon. Il a obtenu le doctorat en théologie auprès de l’Université Grégorienne par la présente thèse. Il est actuellement vicaire de la paroisse Gran Madre di Dio à Rome.


the process of sanctification in the Christian life

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Brady, Patrick J.

“Tesi Gregoriana Teologia” 166

2008, pp. 324



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The role of sanctification in the Christian life lies at the center of many Christian controversies. How does it relate to salvation? Is it a gift that requires responsibility? Does it have any connection to the moral life? This thesis explores Paul’s understanding of and the implications of “sanctification” as reflected in two significant pericopes (Rom 6, 15-23 and 1Thess 4, 1-8). Other relevant texts are incorporated into this order to arrive at a sound interpretation. Paradoxically, only God sanctifies, however, humans who willingly submit to God, conform to Christ, and are empowered by the Spirit grow in sanctification. Nonetheless, sanctification cannot be reduced to ethics. It remains rooted in relationship with God.

Patrick J. Brady is a priest for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in the United States of America. He attended St. Charles Borromeo Seminary for his priestly formation and was ordained in 1993. He obtained a licentiate in Sacred Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute and a doctorate in Biblical Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University.


the relationship of Jesus and the kingdom of God

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Ziccardi, Costantino Antonio

“Tesi Gregoriana Teologia” 165

2008, pp. 584



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In Luke-Acts, God’s kingdom emerges verbally for the first time when Jesus also is initially named: in the Gospel’s scene of the Annunciation. Luke’s second volume or Acts begins and ends with rare references to God’s kingdom –and again in relation to Jesus. These consistent and conspicuous features indicate that the relationship of the kingdom and Jesus was in the forefront of Luke’s intentions for his two-volume work. The thesis of this book is that Luke understood the relationship of the kingdom and Jesus to be necessary, complex, and dynamic, and that he viewed this relationship as shaped by Jesus’ double identity ad the heir to David’s throne (“Christ”) and as the uniquely holy and powerful Son of God (“Lord”).

Costantino Antonio Ziccardi was born in Italy and has spent most of his life in the U.S.A. A priest of the Archdiocese of Newark, since 1996 he has been on the biblical studies faculty of Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall University.


the use of analogy in theological discourse

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Palakeel, Joseph

“Tesi Gregoriana Teologia” 4

1995, pp. 392







The Przywara-Barth-Balthasar debate on analogy has led to the emergence of several new analogies such as analogy of love (H.U. von Balthasar), analogy of freedom (W. Kasper), analogy of advent (E. Jüngel) and analogy of man (K. Rahner). The post-modern recourse to analogy signals an ontological, epistemological and linguistic renewal of both analogy and theology in such a way that analogy is no more a principle of natural theology at the forecourt of theology, but the key hermeneutical principle of theological discourse itself. The study shows that analogy is unavoidable in theology because all theological statements are necessarily analogical.

Joseph Palakeel, 1959, joined The Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle, India, and was ordained priest in 1986 after his studies at the Paurastyavidyapitham, Kottayam, India. After a few years of priestly ministry, he continued his studies in Rome and has obtained Diploma in Social Communication and a Doctorate in Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University.


special divine action

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Gwynne, Paul

“Tesi Gregoriana Teologia” 12

1996, pp. 376







The concept of special divine action –namely, that God acts in special ways at particular times and places in history- is one of the most fundamental presuppositions of the Christian faith. It is presumed in a wide range of beliefs on such matters as special revelation, incarnation, resurrection, petitionary prayer, particular providence and miracles. Yet it has come under serious criticism in recent times, especially with the rise of the natural sciences. This study examines the coherence and credibility of the concept as it emerges from the philosophical and theological debates of the last thirty years.

Paul Gwynne,1957, joined the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate and was ordained a priest in 1981. After several years of ministry in secondary education and in Indonesia, he took up further studies and completed his Doctorate in Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University.


the church in Africa and the new evangelisation

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Mroso, Agapit J.

“Tesi Gregoriana Teologia” 6

1995, pp. 456







The aim of evangelisation is to enthrone Christ as the centre of humanity by presenting Him as eternally young and this has characterized the whole of Christian history. The changing times call for a more timely proclamation of this saving message. This work intends to stress new structures and methods as well as a change of mentality among those who have accepted Christ to be God Incarnate, a prerequisite for the success of this mission. The author feels the need to indicate timely pastoral orientations before the beginning of the Third Millennium of evangelisation in general and the second century evangelisation in Africa in particular. The Magisterium, in the person of Pope John Paul II, designates this a priority and “a life and death campaign”.

Agapit J. Mroso, after his initial studies in Tanzania, he was awarded a scholarship for further studies in Rome in 1990. He received a Master’s Degree in 1992 (Dogmatic theology) and a Doctorate in 1995, both from the Gregorian University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Theology from the Angelicum (St. Thomas Aquinas) University (1993).


the invocation of the Holy Spirit as constitutive of the sacraments according to cardinal Yves Congar

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Kizhakkeparampil Isaac

“Tesi Gregoriana Teologia” 5

1995, pp. 200







In the postconciliar period, among the scholars who articulated the urgent need to restore pneumatology to its rightful place in the theology of Catholic Church was Cardinal Yves Congar. This book centers on one aspect of this theme in which his influence is particularly evident, namely, the constitutive role of the Holy Spirit in effecting the sacraments of the Church. Through a careful analysis of the texts of Congar which explicitly treat the sacramental epiclesis, the author claims that the solemn invocation of the Holy Spirit is as constitutive of the sacraments of the Church as is the formal recitation of the words of Jesus Christ.

Isaac Kizhakkeparampil,1959, joined the Syro-Malankara Catholic Diocese of Thiruvalla and took his secular degrees from the University of Kerala, and the ecclesiastical degrees from the Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, and the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome.


igreja e sacramentos

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Piso Alfeu

“Tesi Gregoriana Teologia” 3

1995, pp. 260







Esta pesquisa responde a questão sobre a existência de uma teologia sacramentária que se possa dizer latino-americana e qual a sua peculiaridade. Dois aspectos se destacam como baliza. O primeiro, referente ao sacramento-raiz: quais os elementos próprios da sacramentalidade da Igreja na América Latina. O segundo, que relação os sacramentos passam a ter com a nova forma eclesial. A pesquisa trabalha os pressupostos sobre os quais se constrói a teologia latino-americana da libertação, sendo seu centro de convergência o Reino do Deus. Nos sacramentos se refletem a nova forma de ser Igreja e as exigências da vida de fé, como práxis da libertação.

Alfeu Piso, 1939, frequentou os estudos filosófico-teológicos no Instituto Redentorista de Estudos Superiores em São Paulo. Recebeu a ordenação presbiteral em 1970. Licenciou-se e doutorou-se em teologia Dogmática na Pontificia Universidade Gregoriana de Roma.

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