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Analecta Orientalia

Inscriptions from the Coptite Nome. Dynasties vi-ix

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Fischer, H.G.

“Analecta Orientalia” 40

1964, pp.142  + 40 plates





This monograph is the direct result, although a somewhat tardy one, of the author’s work on a doctoral dissertation concerning the history of Dendera during the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period. Soon after the dissertation the author began to realize how much contemporary material was available from the neighbouring nome of Coptos and how relevant it was to the Denderite material on which he had been working. A few years later, the author decided to put together and discuss the Coptite inscriptions of Dynasties VI to XI.



preface V

contents IX

list of plates XI

list of figures in the text XV

topographical introduction 1

Appendix A: on the use of determinatives following personal names

Appendix B: on the reading of and[VT1] in titles 126


1. names and titles 131

2. discussion of signs and words 135

3. general index 137

addenda-corrigenda 141


Ugaritic Textbook. Grammar

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Gordon, C. H.

“Analecta Orientalia” 38

1998, pp. 159-346 + 1*-31*





The Chronicle of Prince Osorkon

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Caminos, Ricardo A.

“Analecta Orientalia” 37

1958, pp. 218



Grundriss der akkadischen Grammatik. 3., Ergänzte Auflage

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von Soden, W. - Mayer W.

“Analecta Orientalia” 33

1995, pp. 328 + 55*



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