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A political History of Post-Kassite Babylonia

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Birnkman, J. A.

“Analecta Orientalia” 43

1968, pp. XVI-432





The purpose of the present study is to investigate the political history of Babylonia from the rise of the Second Dynasty of Isin (c. 1158 B.C.) to the death of Shalmaneser V (722 B.C.). The author’s discussion is limited almost entirely to political history, that is the inquiry into the internal and external activity of the body politic, as exemplified in the workings of the government and especially in the focus of political life in ancient Babylonia, the king.


preface vii

list of abbreviations  ix

table of contents  xv

introduction  1

chapter I – the sources  3

chapter II – chronology  37

chapter III – post-kassite political history  86

chapter IV – foreign population groups in Babylonia  246

chapter V – government and army  289

conclusion  315

appendix A. bibliography of written sources  319

appendix B. the internal chronology of the broken obelisk  383

appendix C. the role of famine in the semi-nomad disturbances in post-kassite Babylonia  387

appendix D. the standard titulary of Ashurnasirpal II in inscriptions from Calah  390

addenda  395

general index  397

index of akkadian  421

index of Sumerian and logograms  430

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