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Direttore: Agustinus Gianto, S.J.

Questa collana sviluppa aspetti della Bibbia direttamente collegati al retroterra culturale dell’Antico Oriente da cui essa proviene. Nelle pubblicazioni più recenti vengono particolarmente approfonditi studi di carattere filologico.

Job 29-31 in the light of northwest semitic

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Ceresko Anthony R.
"Biblica et Orientalia" 36
1980 pp.XVI-272


This volume contains the slightly revised version of a doctoral dissertation submetted in the summer of 1978 to the biblical faculty of the P.I.B.


Genesis and the “Jewish antiquities” of Flavius Josephus

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Franxman, Thomas W.

“Biblica et orientalia” 35  ESAURITO - OUT OF PRINT

1979, pp. VIII-304


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A Manual of palestinian aramaic Texts

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Fitzmyer, Joseph A. – Harrington, Daniel J.

“Biblica et orientalia” 34

2002, pp. XIX-373




This is an attempt to gather together Palestinian Aramaic texts of various sorts and varying lengths from the last two centuries B. C. and the first two centuries A. D. The texts are of diverse character: a few of them are biblical; a number belong to the so-called intertestamental literature of Palestinian Jews; some of them are letters, contracts, or business documents of different sorts, reflecting various elements of Palestinian life of that period. The last part of the collection of texts presented here comes from ossuaries or tombstone inscriptions. The collection made here provides the texts of these documents, a translation of the text, a brief introduction, and a bibliography of secondary literature on each of the texts. A glossary of the texts complete the collection.


Der Merismus im biblisch-hebräischen und nordwestsemitischen

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Krašovec, Jože

“Biblica et orientalia” 33

1977, pp. XVI-184




Die vorliegende Studie wurde unter der Leitung von Prof. M. Dahood als Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde am Päpstlichen Bibelinstitut in Rom geschrieben. In den letzen Jahrzehnten ist der Begriff «Merismus» im Bereich der semitischen Studien zwar immer häufiger anzutreffen, es fehlt jedoch nicht nur eine ausführliche Monographie über diese Figur, sondern auch eine Erklärung ihrer Herkunft und dementsprechend eine klare Definition des Merismus. In den Grammatiken sucht man diesen Begriff vergebens. Deswegen ist es nicht verwunderlich, daß so viele Froscher die meristischen Beispiele überhaupt nicht bemerken oder sie mit des Antithese vermischen. Damit der Zugang zum Sachverhalt dieser Studie erleichtert wird, soll zuerst eine Erklärung des Begriffes gegeben werden…


IQM, the war scroll from Qumran

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Davies, Philip R.

“Biblica et orientalia” 32

1977, pp. 132




This study is an attempt to analyse IQM in order to show its structure and literary history. The author found it difficult to pursue a detailed criticism in the form of a commentary whilst at the same time offering a comprehensive account of the many problems which the text raises in the area of tradition-history. Where possible conclusions of a more general nature have been presented in close association with the specific material from which they arise. Davies stresses that the purpose of this work is rather to reveal characteristics of the material and the major questions which these raise than to offer a full account of the origin and development of IQM. The result achieved by this study may serve as one foundation upon which a sound approach to the wider questions of Qumran history and theology may be built.


Nomi e titoli di YHWH alla luce del semitico del Nord Ovest

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Viganò, Lorenzo

“Biblica et orientalia” 31

1976, pp. XXX-248




Le scoperte archeologiche nell’area medio-orientale, ed in particolar modo in quella che fu la terra di Canaan, hanno offerto la possibilità di conoscere alla sorgente la religione delle popolazioni dimoranti in Canaan prima e dopo l’importante momento storico dell’insediamento del popolo di Israele in quella regione. Ci hanno mostrato, cioè, che il pensiero e le tradizioni religiose di Canaan erano presenti e vive nei tempi della composizione del testo biblico. Il lavoro di Viganò ha come oggetto la ricerca delle vestigia della religione cananea nella Bibbia e in particolare lo studio di nomi ed appellativi che, già appartenuti a divinità semitiche, sono entrati nel testo biblico attribuiti a YHWH, il Dio di Israele.


Isaiah 28-33

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Irwin, William H.

“Biblica et Orientalia” 30

1977, pp. XVIII-212




This translation with philological notes is the revised version of a dissertation presented in 1973 to the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome. Its method is that of comparative Northwest Semitic philology, who have elucidated many obscure and often emended biblical texts with the aid of Ugaritic and Phoenician. It is intended as a contribution to the better understanding of the Hebrew of Is 28-33 and as an addition to the ever growing materials for a thorough overhaul of biblical Hebrew lexica and grammars. These chapters provide a good but manageable sampling of isaian poetry together with a fine example of the so-called “prophetic liturgy” genre in chap. 33.


Old Testament and Oriental Studies

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Soggin, J. Alberto

“Biblica et orientalia” 29

1975, pp. XV-256




The purpose of this book is to provide scholars who do not have sufficient reading knowledge of Italian with a series of studies first published in that language. The author presents only those studies which he considers still valid. The studies have not been updated, neither in the text not in the bibliography. They have their setting in the scientific context of their time. The book is divided into five parts. The first one is about literary, archaeological, and historical problems related to Israel’s settlement in Canaan and to his kingship. The second deals with problems related to Israel’s religion. The third is devoted to exegesis of biblical texts, and the fourth to observations on grammar, philology and lexicography. The work is concluded by a section of short notes on emphatic Lamed and other questions.

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