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Direttore: Agustinus Gianto, S.J.

Questa collana sviluppa aspetti della Bibbia direttamente collegati al retroterra culturale dell’Antico Oriente da cui essa proviene. Nelle pubblicazioni più recenti vengono particolarmente approfonditi studi di carattere filologico.

Weep o Daughter of Zion: a Study of the City-Lament Genre in the Hebrew Bible

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Dobbs-Allsopp F.W.
"Biblica et Orientalia" 44
1993 pp. XIV-230


The present study seeks to call attention to a literary genre whose existence in the Hebrew Bible, has gone largely unnoticed or at least not fully appreciated. The city lament is a genre well-known fron ancient Mesopotomia. The laments that make up this genre vividly depict and mournfully lament the destruction of some of the most important cities in Mesopotamia and their chief shrines.

F.W. Dobbs-Allsopp, 1962, received a B.A. in History from Furman University, with a concentration in Biblical Studies from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Northwest semitic studies from The John Hopkins University.


Procedimientos iterativos en la Poesia ugaritica y Hebrea

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Zurro Eduardo
"Biblica et Orientalia" 43
1987 pp. XVI-396



En la critica del texto biblico ha ejercido profunda influencia un postulado segùn el cual la repeticiòn literal de un término en miembros paralelos contrasta con una regla estilistica de la poesia hebrea y, por conseguiente, denota corrupcion textual. De los procedimientos aquì estudiados se deduce la arbitrariedad de tal supuesto que ha servido de base a infinidad de enmiendas.

Eduardo Zurro Rodriguez en sus publicaciones estudia el texto hebreo de la Biblia a luz de la filologia semitica noroccidental e indaga aspectos estilisticos de la poesia hebrea.


Job in the Light of northwest semitic

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Michel Walter l.
"Biblica et Orientalia" 42
1987 pp. XVIII-438



This book ventures to close a gap in recent studies on Job. Since the discoveries of the text at Ugarit (1929) and at Ebla (1974) hundreds of new suggestions have been made for the understanding of Job based on these texts by a number of schlars and especially by M. Dahood. All areas of ancient Hebrew are affected: orthography, lexicography, grammar, syntax and poetic devices.

Walter L. Michel was associate professor of Old testament at the Lutheran school of Theology at Chicago. This book is a thesis that he spent seven weeks at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in 1979.


Spelling in the hebrew Bible

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Andersen F.I.- Forbes A.D.
"Biblica et Orientalia" 41
1986 pp. XXII-380



This book is an outgrowth of the Dahood Memorial Lectures delivered at the University of Michingan 1983. It attempts four things... it speculates on the significate of this evedence for studies in the production and trasmission of the text.

Francis Andersen main interests in scripture studies focus on linguistic aspects of biblical Hebrew.

Dean Forbes, interests include computer-assisted research in linguistics.


Creation and the Teaching of the Qur'an

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O'Shaughnessy Thomas J.
"Biblica et Orientalia" 40
1985 pp. VI-102



The Qur'an often proposes God's creative activity as a proof of His beneficence and of His power to accomplish the final resurrection of mankind. The way creation is described shows the influence of Jewish biblical and talmudic tradition. The present study tries to determine the Qur'anic teaching on creation as an activity attributed properly to God and said to originate from "nothing". It inquires into the Qur'anic account of man's creation, since the Qur'an like the Bible describes man's origin from seed but also from clay or drust.

Thomas J. O'Shaughnessy received an M.A. from Loyola University of Chicago and a S.T.D. from Gregorian University in Rome. He studied Arabic in Lebanon.


Fruhrabbinisches Ehescheidungsrecht

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Neudecker Reinhard
"Biblica et Orientalia" 39
1982 pp. XVIII-136 + 11 tav.


Zum ersten Mal wird eine Ubersetzung des besten Textzeugen des Tosefta-traktats Gittin der Offentlichkeit vorgelegt. Der ubersetzung folgt ein ausfuehrlicher kommentar. Er versucht, den forderungen schultradition des mittelalters abzulegen und zugleich den anspruechen der modernen wissenschaftlichen methoden voll rechnung zu tragen.

Reinhard Neudecker, 1938, zwischen 1961 und 1970 studium der philosophie und theologie in Muenchen und Innsbruck. Doktor der theologie, studium rabbinischen literatur am Hebre Union College in Cincinnati. Seit 1978 professor fur rabbinische literatur am Paptlichen bibelinstitut in Rom.


A philological Analysis of Jeremiah 4-6 in the Light of Northwest Semitic

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Althann Robert
"Biblica et Orientalia" 38
1983 pp. XVI-380



In the book of Jeremiah the hebrew and greek texts diverge more widely than in any other writing of the Old Testament. The oracles against foreign nations are placed at the end in the Massoretic Text but in the middle by the Septuagint and in a different order. The present work examines chapters four to six in the light of other Northwest semitic literatures , especially Ugaritic.

Robert Althann, 1939, is director of periodicals Elenchus of Biblica.


Ezekiel's Oracles against Egypt

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Boadt Lawrence
"Biblica et Orientalia" 37
1980 pp. VIII-220


This study of only a section of Ezekiel is a revision of a dissertation submitted to the P.I.B. in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the doctorate in Sacred Scripture. Written under the direction of M. Dahood it seeks to apply philological and stylistic insights to Ezekiel that have been clarified by the grammar and usage of Ugatitic and Phoenician texts.

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