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Late Babylonian Field Plans in the British Museum

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Nemet-Nejat, Karen R.

“Studia Pohl Series Maior” 11

1982, pp. XVI-461 + 56 tavv.




This study discusses a collection of seventy Late Babylonian field plans in the British Museum.

The provenience of these tablets, when known, is with rare exceptions, Babylon, and many are dated to the reign of King Darius.

They form a unified corpus and serve to fill a gap in our knowledge of the cartographic phenomenon of field plans, up to now attested only for the Neo-Sumerian, Old Babylonian and Middle Babylonian periods. With the exception of Text 23 all tablets in this corpus are previously unpublished.

The tablets have been re-numbered in this study on the basis of the number of field plans extant on them and the dates of the texts have been converted to the Julian calendar .

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