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Introduction to Akkadian

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Caplice, Richard

“Studia Pohl Series Maior” 9

2002 Fourth Edition (revised reprint of third edition), pp. X-106 + 1 tab.




The present edition of the Introduction to Akkadian is fully revised, and supplied with indices to the Akkadian vocabularies and sign-lists, an English-Akkadian glossary, and a paradigm of the strong verbs.

The Introduction is intended as a tool in offering a twelve lessons or one semester course in essential Akkadian grammar.

The reading exercises in transliteration and in cuneiform are designed to introduce the student to common vocabulary and basic cuneiform signs.

The exercises are chose from Old Babylonian, but signs are introduced, as is customary, in their Neo-Assyrian form.

In addition to the twelve lessons there are appendices dealing with Akkadian phonetics and metrology, indices, and a paradigm of the strong verb.

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