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Neo-Assyrian Royal Grants and Decrees

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Postgate, John Nicholas

“Studia Pohl: Series Maior” 1

1969, pp. 146 + 28 Plates.




The following pages present an edition of a group of texts which were for the most part published by Johns, in Assyrian Deeds and Documents, and edited by Ungnad (and Kohler) in Assyrische Rechtsurkunden, Nos. 1-30.

These texts were recopied and were given a new transliteration of each, with notes and a discussion of the non-philological problems.

The author finds two main reasons for presenting this study. In the first place, his initial collation of the Nineveh texts revealed a fair number of corrections which should be made to the initial collection of the copies and edition of Johns and Ungnad and a first attempt to edit the assur and Sultantepe texts was clearly desirable. Secondly, the lack of an adequate study of this group of documents. An attempt to discuss the nature of the takes mentioned is made in the second volume written by Postgate on this subject.

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