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Twenty Parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

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Kilgallen, John J.

“Subsidia Biblica” 32

2008, pp. 180




This book hopes to bring out the teachings of Jesus’ parables, with particular attention paid to the immediate contexts in which Luke puts his parables. These contexts, sometimes only just a sentence and sometimes originating from Jesus as well as from Luke, give the reader an essential guide to the sense of the parables. The nature of a parable, or “comparison”, is, by general agreement of exegetes, very often open to more than one interpretation. It is in this sizing up the inner possibilities of the parables to have them speak winningly to their audiences, together with the freedom belonging to an author and his desire to remain faithful to the mind of Jesus, that the author strives to interpret Luke’s presentation of a large number of Jesus’ parables.

John Kilgallen, S.J, from Chicago, Illinois and a member of the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus, is professor emeritus at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, where he has taught since 1988. He has a doctoral degree in Sacred Scripture (SSD) from the Biblical Institute, as well as a master’s degree (MA Classics) from Loyola University Chicago.

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